If "AT SAME TIME" makes YOU cringe...

“AT SAME TIME” in knitting means to work the instructions that immediately follow this phrase simultaneously with instructions immediately preceding the phrase. This often strikes fear in the hearts of knitters. At same time directions often occur with necklines plus armhole increases or decreases in sweaters, and in gusset increases with some other pattern such as a cable in a mitten glove or mitt.

To demonstrate ways to complete the project without mistakes, Braided Hand is useful. The right mitt is the example. The back of hand cable is 23 rounds, repeated once. Two gussets stitches are added at the beginning of the round for the right mitt every fourth round for a total of six times, STARTING ON RND 14.



The paper and pencil way to accomplish the gusset increases is to use a counting-style EOR marker, write down, then cross off each of the chart rows where the two gussets stitches are added, as follows:




26/3*    *3rd rnd on 2nd Chart repeat

30/7*    *7th rnd on 2nd Chart repeat

34/11    *11th rnd on 2nd Chart repeat


Second, one of my favorite tools in the Sirka counter. The Grellow and Gray Sirka counter is set for one possible reminder system for the increases, starting at the beginning of rounds 14, 18, 22, then rounds 3, 7 and 11 of the second chart repeat. With 6 moving parts on this counter, Sirka is quite versatile in counting different things.


Finally, kC Designs (set-up patterns on the Knit Companion app) offers a sophisticated, digital method of keeping track of at the same time directions. View the  screenshot of this pattern.  Built-in reminders must be clicked at completion before proceeding. kC Designs functionality shines with patterns with at the same time directions and complex lace.


Happy knitting!