I offer technical editing to independent designers. I completed Joeli Creates Learn to Tech Edit and Learn to Tech Edit: The Next Steps courses. Please contact me through my Contact Page – or – through bonnie@bonniedhandknitsandfiber.com. I would love to hear about your upcoming design!

My Standard Services

·       Are all required elements of a pattern included? Are all separate sections labeled? Are finished dimensions and/or a schematic included?

·       Does the pattern include complete instructions for every size listed?

·       Are stitch counts correct and noted with stitch count changes?

·       Will ribbing and repeats in the pattern work?

·       Do stitch/row counts with listed gauge produce the major finished measurements for widths, length and circumference?

·       Are imperial/metric conversions accurate?

·       In garments, are the sleeve cap and armhole perimeters within 0.5” of each other?

·       Are all details of materials, needles and supplies listed and correct?

·       Are sizes listed a reasonable match to industry standards?

·       Does the pattern produce a finished item that matches the photos provided? (Any photos, not just professional-looking final pattern photos will improve your product in the editing phase)

·       Are RS and WS labelled correctly and consistently used throughout?

·       Are special stitch instructions correct?

·       Are the graphics easy to read and correctly labelled?

·       Does the chart key only include RS and WS instruction when necessary?

·       Copy editing not otherwise listed

·       Does the pattern match the Designer’s Style Sheet, if provided? If Style Sheet is not provided, is the pattern internally consistent throughout?







My Optional Services

·       Create a StitchMastery chart from written instructions

·       Modify your StitchMastery chart and key in Adobe Illustrator for unusual stitches (send me your .knt file)

·       Check that the chart matches the written instructions (many Designers now rely on their charting software for this and prefer not to pay for this service).

·       Producing a schematic from finished measurements

·       Helping a designer finalize their Style Sheet

Rates, File Types Edited, Turnaround

$30 USD/hour, billed in 5 minute ($2.50) increments, with a $20 minimum per invoice through PayPal (other payment forms by mutual agreement).

 I prefer to edit Word files so that the Designer can easily accept or reject my edits, but I also edit PDF files using Adobe Acrobat annotations (be sure you have ability to read my comments).

Turnaround time a pattern is generally 5 days. If I find an error that will affect the pattern downstream, I will return it to you for revision prior to completing it.

Tips for Designers for the Highest Quality (and least expensive) Tech Edit

·       Provide your final pattern, Style Sheet and rough photos from multiple views (camera phone to my email works great)!
·       Make sure that your pattern is internally consistent and adheres to your style sheet (if you have one) before you send it.

·       Use standard abbreviations (CYCA) and chart symbols when possible.

·       Wait for my edit to arrive and make the needed changes rather than sending a new version!